Educational Philosophy

What kind of teacher will I be? What do I want to be? What is education to me?
As a teacher, my job is to "light the fire." Students are in school to learn and have experiences to better them later on in life.  I want to be the teacher that the student never forgets not only as a person, but as a classroom experience. Students need to learn daily lessons about life and about the subjects in which we teach in schools. Students need to constantly be involved not only mentally but physically in lessons. There are so many opportunities to involve students and as I teacher I want to take advantage of all of those opportunities. I also think that students need to understand respect and how it applies to everything including learning. I want students to love the information that they are learning about and also respect that there is always more that they can learn. Students are only in my classroom for a year, but I want my lessons to continue with them throughout the rest of their education. Since I want to teach younger kids, the lessons that I teach them will be what they build off of for the rest of their lives. I will always have high expectations of my students, usually more than what they expect of themselves, and yet be proud of their achievements when they do reach high and succeed. Children should feel as though they have accomplished something great at the end of the day, and be ready to continue to accomplish more the next day.